About Me

Laura Jo Lawrence, CEO of Laura Jo Foot Care in Salisbury

Who am I?

An experienced foot health practitioner now back in the Salisbury area at last. I've worked in London but local patients may remember me from the clinic I used to run at the Old Orchard Surgery in Wilton, as well as from my domiciliary practices in and around Salisbury

I'm pleased to announce that due to demand I have opened a new weekly Foot Health Clinic every Tuesday in Salisbury city centre at the Beauty Studio, 98 Crane Street. Home visits also available.

Laura Jo treating feet and providing foot care during a home visit in Salisbury

What makes me different?

I provide unhurried professional care to help you step into summer with comfortable feet, either at my new clinic Salisbury city centre (every Tuesday morning) or in your own home.

Laura Jo doing a home visit to provide foot care in Salisbury

Why come to me?

I aim to provide first class foot care in Salisbury at an affordable price. 

I started my new business, Laura Jo Foot Care in Salisbury, in October 2017 and the response has been fantastic. It is clear to me that patients want unhurried, professional care at an affordable and fair price - so that's what I aim to provide

Contact Me

Better yet, come and see me in person!

Please feel free to get in touch by e-mail or phone me during normal business hours.


Laura Jo Foot Care

07951 507518


Salisbury City Centre Clinic: Every Tuesday (09.30am - 5.00pm)

Home visits available by arrangement